is a network of Virtual Office Managers providing administrative support for customer.  In order to join the network, I have secured UK Freelance Contracts, however, if you are resident outside the UK, the contracts will have to be discussed with a local legal representative and changes made should their be variations in employment law within that country.  I have devised a form to sign as proof that this has indeed taken place and that every effort was made to obtain their own Professional Indemnity Insurance.  As a business in the UK outsourcing to self employed Virtual Assistant Services, I felt that it was necessary to acquire adequate cover for all those contracted to me for the purpose of working on Projects for the Network.  However, this insurance, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity under the umbrella of Employers Liability Insurance would not cover the networker when working on projects in their own businesses but acts just as it would with any subcontractor in other industries.

VA's That Lunch

is a network forum for Virtual Assistants to discuss issues surrounding their daily working lives.  There are opportunities to join the VOMnet-UK network and VA's That Lunch Forum online where they can chat from the comfort of their home office with other like minded individuals.  Business Lunches may also be organised off site at a central location on an ad hoc basis.

Claire Colours

is a service provided to reveal the shades that inspired her positive outlook and her own business image to help others find their own motivation to make first impressions in business count.  Not only can this be done for physical appearance but the branding of your electronic presence.

Ugly Birds

is a photographic media site from which thumbnails can be obtained by either the Virtual Office Manager, or the customer.  Artwork will be sourced from good amateur photographers and / or professionals.  As I have also done some photographic modelling on a couple of occasions for one of my clients and for a local charity calendar it is my intention to investigate the possibilities of starting an agency of models for a project or marketing campaign locally.

Lydia Knits

is an executive gift option of expensive handmade knitted garments in natural yarns.  The main product will be a bespoke pattern design with yarns and accessories for the purchaser to make themselves.  However, there will be an chance to purchase a bespoke garment / item using an innovative, or buy any garment already in the catalogue.  I also intend to stock my own designer labeled yarns and accessories, and will be investigating this possibility hopefully in Florence, Italy.  A Handknitter Networker will be required dependent on the volume of orders.