Claire Lydia Ray

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Claire Lydia Ray
T/as VOMnet-UK
Based in Manchester

Small businesses are losing millions because they are not using the Internet to the full

CLAIRE LYDIA RAY's is the owner of VOMnet-UK and her dream is to network services across the globe through a network of Virtual Assistants and Office Managers to support small businesses in the North West of the United Kingdom to make the most of the Internet in their expansion on a global stage.

She also supports her local business network in Manchester offering imaginative, creative, and professional organisational skills with an emphasis on care and understanding having shared the brunt of the current financial crisis.

VOMnet-UK offers a complete package of on-line services to improve the potential of your business and includes FREE Web Hosting Services from our own Reseller Control Panel when you order a Landing Page or 3/4 page Website with SEO which is designed and produced by VOMnet-UK.  We retain ownership of the domain until such time as you wish to transfer to another provider.

Here are some of the sites that make-up the Virtual Office Management network created by CLAIRE LYDIA RAY to showcase her creative web design skills using simple templates and reveal how you can make the most of the Internet for your own business web presence :


CLAIRE LYDIA RAY - virtual office manager www.clr.me.uk
VA's THAT LUNCH - meeting place for VA's www.vasthatlunch.me.uk
CLAIRE COLOURS - image consultation www.clairecolours.me.uk
UGLY BIRDS - stock photography and models www.uglybirds.me.uk
VIRTUAL LIFE BOSS - life management www.virtuallifeboss.me.uk
LILAC WINES UK - portuguese wine distributors www.lilacwines.me.uk
LYDIA PINK SCAFFOLDING - property development www.lydiapinkscaffolding.me.uk
LYDIA KNITS - designer bespoke knitwear www.lydiaknits.me.uk
THE FAT COW SOCIETY - unique networking idea www.thefatcowsociety.co.uk
VOMnet-UK CONTROL PANEL - hosting domains controlpanel.vomnet.me.uk



Created by Claire Lydia Ray T/as VOMnet-UK